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Zodiac Online
MMOHut escribió:Zodiac Online is a brightly themed 2D turned based fantasy MMORPG based on the culture surrounding the 12 Chinese zodiacs. With no ’set’ classes, players are allowed to customize their characters in practically limitless different ways.

[Imagen: 16415__320x240_zodiac-online-intense-gameplay.jpg]

Publisher: EnjoyMMO
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Low Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Guild Battles
Filesize: 740 MB Installed

Pros: +Unique classless ‘zodiac’ system. +Innovative character growth system with infinite ‘builds’. +Good ‘pet’ system. +Crafting system.

Cons: -Gameplay feels ’slow paced’. -Old school graphics may not appeal to everyone. -Poor English translations.

Full Review
Zodiac Online Review

Zodiac Online is a colorful animated turn based fantasy MMORPG that combines magic and Chinese astrology. Set in a world ruled by celestial signs, beastly creatures, and sorcery players are summoned by the mighty Jade Emperor in a mission to prevent the manifestation of a demon initiated apocalypse. Characters transported to the human world act as Zodiac Envoys on a journey to save mankind from total destruction.

[Imagen: zodiac-online-new-character.jpg]
(character creation)

Grinding like a Zodiac Envoy, the Gameplay
Although Zodiac Online appears similar graphics-wise to other games like Magic World Online or Phoenix Dynasty Online the gameplay is altogether unique. There are no set class limits so players have the freedom to build up their characters as they wish. Only attribute points count. The quests and turn-based combat is infused with the ancient history of the 12 Zodiac animal signs. When players begin their expedition they’re given several user names of players according to the Zodiac to befriend. There are hundreds of quests available each day. Some tasks are simple like talking to a designated NPC or attaining a valuable item. Other quests are more involved like killing enemies, capturing monsters, and even escorting a wagon of supplies to a particular destination within the allotted time period. While exploring wilderness areas players are randomly transported into combat zones. Once entered a panel appears allowing users the option to attack, use skills, select item, defend, escape, start auto attack, or summon. Zodiac Envoys can fight together in teams, solo, or summon their pet to aid in battle. The multiple pet features in Zodiac Online make the overall gameplay more appealing.

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Conquering Demoniac Creatures
Players are allowed pets throughout the game. They serve as more than simply a loyal companion. Each pet can be leveled up and customized into a powerful teammate. An advanced pet can help win battles effortlessly. Pets are earned through completing quests or capturing monsters. When you complete a quest the pet will always correspond with your character’s zodiac animal sign. Players who want a more interesting type of pet can capture various creatures during combat using a flask and tame them with a magical potion. Different flasks can hold various monsters. The coolest pet in Zodiac Online is the Elf which can be captured and turned into a personal sidekick as well. The monster capture option gives players a broader range of pets to own than most MMO’s with that feature. Special cookies, treats, and food can heal pets damaged during fights.

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Enchanted Wedlock
Marriage in Zodiac Online is taken very seriously. Not only do the stars have to be aligned but players must establish a solid relationship before earning the right to enter marital bliss. There is no eloping in this virtual world. The marriage system requires a female and male character to be friends first. After becoming friends they have to form a team together with the male as captain. Only men can initiate marriage. The two must level up together before they are permitted to accept a marriage quest. Weddings can be customized with candy, guests, and gifts. Ceremonies offered include Heaven Palace Wedding, Eden Wedding Palace, and a Restaurant Wedding. Once the marriage quest is completed the new couple is officially wed. The bond can not be broken easily. In order to divorce characters must pay a hefty fine of 886000 of gold and return the rings. There’s also a mentor system in Zodiac Online. Any player level 40 or up can mentor another who happens to be below that level. When the apprentice levels up to 40 both characters receive bonus points.

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Advancing Weaponry for Combat
Another feature that makes Zodiac Online rather unique is their weapon system. Weapons are magical with the ability to grow or level up. Players can advance a weapon of their choice with the use of spiritual stones purchased in shops. Each stone adds various aptitudes increasing the amount of damage the weapon can inflict on opponents. Leveling up your character also levels up the arms. Weapons are more powerful the higher a player levels up. Characters can choose from mystical clubs to hammers of chaos. Some weapons like the Glazed Flask possess the ability to make rain fall from the sky when it’s being used. The Flag Spear brings down thunder. Guild fights also take place in Zodiac Online. Teams can declare war against other guilds by signing up through the NPC Guild Manager. A limit of five teams can battle.

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Window-Shopping at the Mall of Magic
Virtually everything can be purchased using coins and gold earned by completing quests at various shopkeeper NCPs. The game has multiple separate shops where players can buy or sell back goods. The Grocer and Shopkeeper have various medicines, salves, healing grass, skill books, and potions. The Armor shop contains magical shoes, robes, belts, hoods, and other garments that will protect during combat. The Pet Curer sells pet food and treats that increase health. The Blacksmith sells weapons. The Jewelry shop sells special necklaces and pendants. Players can also trade among each other. The in-game item mall is filled with additional magic items. None of the bundles or accessories is actually needed. It’s a quite small collection compared to other in-game malls. Enchanted items include VIP keys, honeymoon packages, guild resource bundles, teleportation stones, expandable pouches to increase slots in a character’s inventory sack and crystals to boost weapon growth speed.

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Final Verdict: Good
Despite Zodiac Online’s limited graphic options it’s still a solid free-to-play 2D turn based MMORPG. Implementing Chinese astrology, an excellent pet system, and a growing weaponry system this game gives players a lot to do. With no set class restrictions players have the power to build the ultimate Zodiac Envoy capable of saving the human world. If cutesy animated graphics aren’t a deal breaker most turn based gamers will enjoy Zodiac Online.

Si se prenden yo me prendo, solo no lo juego ni ahi, jugue un ratin soy lvl 4 parece interesante el sistema, pareceria que no se necesita tanto grind y tenes ese invento magnifico de tocar en un nombre o en un npc en el mapa y que vaya solo. Lo unico que le puedo criticar es la camara, osea la posta es ir con el mapa, si vas caminando la camarita te saca de kisio por alguna razon. Me parece que no esta ahi arriba pero se pueden armar altos teams onda party.

no me leo todo eso ni en pedo, y tampoco voy a buscar videos de como es pero tiene una onda dofus tremenda por las imagenes

dofus es de turnos pero por cuadraditos, este es mas onda final fantasy