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Tsundere TV
Es una noticia vieja (2007)... Pero adivinen qué va a ser mi próxima compra.

Cita:Today One Seg TV Segnity is finally on sale in Akiba ( One Seg refers to terrestrial digital TV broadcasts aimed at mobile devices). This portable Digital TV has been presented in January by the giant toy maker Takara Tomy Co. during the Toy Forum 2007.
What makes this product special is the fact that this device features a "tsundere voice system". Tsundere (ツンデレWink is a Japanese term for a personality that is initially combative, but becomes loving and emotionally vulnerable. When you first turn on Segnity you will be welcome with a tsun tsun (cold) voice message: 'Gonna watch some TV, huh?' When the brightness is lowered, a cold voice says, "This is daaark!".
After you use the device more times the voice becomes gradually attached to you and start to be kind and warm and, for example, switching off Segnity prompts the phrase: “What?! Are you really going away?” as if the Segnity is sad that the you are leaving. There are 33 different voice samples and on October 28 will be realeased a software that will let you customize the voices auploading you favourite tsundere anime character voice trought the Mini SD card slot.


Que salga update de firmware para las consolas y portátiles que agregue esto, y si no se puede que la Vita venga con esto incorporado.
El que saque esto para PC (sería como una versión mejorada del theme de Vista-tan) o como app se llena de guita en Japón.