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Fate \Extra: juego rpg para psp
Cita:Marvelous are set to publish the game, and this could be their biggest break in a while, considering how popular Fate is in Japan. Factor in that it’s a portable RPG and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it debut very nicely. Good catch.

The game seems to be in some sort of highschool setting similar to Persona 3 and it looks like you’ll be able to choose between a male or female protagonist. Since Luminous Arc 3 features dating-sim elements, let’s hope Imageepoch choose to include some in this game as well.

I’m not sure where in the timeline Fate/Extra is supposed to take place, but the Famitsureveal has pictures of both Saber and Tohsaka. Two other characters seem to be Shinji and Lancer, but I can’t be sure because the art style is definitely not Takeuchi’s. Saber’s design reminds me a little of Mutsumi Inomata’s (the Team Destiny games) art.
The mag mentions that Type-Moon are involved with the project, though, so the series’ consistency isn’t at risk. This is probably what Kinoko Nasu was talking about when he said he was busy with outside projects a few months ago.

En pocas palabras: juego rpg de fate stay night con jugabilidad estilo persona 3, realizado con colaboración de type moon. Hay que tener una psp. Y va a estar en japonés únicamente, o por lo menos durante un montón de tiempo... pero yo se que ALGUIEN que tiene un psp y que es fanático del persona 3 se va a mojar entero con la noticia.

Tradujeron el F/UC. Alguna chance de que traduzcan esto hay.

De todos modos, creo que con suerte aunque sea fan translation va a tener... Right? =(

[Imagen: 1340064085136.gif]
Hoy día sería raro NO tenerla, he de confesar. Más con una franquicia popular como Fate.
Me chupa un huevo, pero bue, quería darle esperanzas al buen homo, sobre todo porque posta que tiene 1001 chances de que sea fantranslated. (Igual en counter-part te digo que ni en pedo tiene traducción oficial.)




[Imagen: 1340064085136.gif]
La puta qwe los pario, me van a obligar a comprar una psp?

Una kitsune en el juego? cuenten conmigo inmediatamente.

Aprovecho para anunciar mi emprendimiento: alquilo psps (?)

Espero fervientemente que traiga la opción de voces en ponja; dada la capacidad limitada de los UMDs, a veces no entra (ej: Mana Khemia). Podría aceptar un buen doblaje.
Sino seguramente harán una versión undub, pero no siempre queda todo perfecto.

De una que en este momento me dan demasiadas ganas de tener una psp. Pero como se que no va a pasar, voy a empezar a mandar mails a los grosos que hicieron el psx2 de que se dejen de joder con el de ps2 que anda increible y se pongan con el de psp.



Cita:There's a brand new Fate/Extra coming out next year, "Fate/Extra CCC". A completely new game with a new plot that, according to Nasu, is not a sequel, not a completely new game/property, not just an expansion, etc., it's a sort of "Sakura-route to Fate/Extra", which makes no sense either since Sakura in that game was just an artificial, NPC in the Matrix, relatively unimportant background character. So basically they're being really coy with info.

This one is totally written by Nasu, instead of being re-written by him near completion like the first one. Likewise, character design (although NOT actual charcter ART) is by Takeuchi.

Same OC male and female protags. Same three possible Servants, which include Red-Seiba (Nero), kitsune-Caster (Tamamo), and Archer (EMIYA).

In this incarnation, all three will be able to assume new costumes/forms. The only one known of the three thus far is Nero's "Saber Bride", a bondage wedding gear outfit showing off her new and even larger saber-tits. Curious to see Archer's new outfit.

Presumably it still takes place in the SE.RA.PH Moon cell Phantasm, in the same what-if, CERN took over the world future from the original game. There WILL be new Servants, possible ALL new Servants other than the main three. Curious to see if there are many more cameos like Ryougi Shiki and Arc in the first one. Only known new Servant is the first female Lancer, a strange, devil-themed pettanko.
There is also a magus-witch-looking Sakurider, but it doesn't seem to be the NPC Sakura from Fate/Extra who also appears, and it's not known if she's a Servant or a Master/magus. Her tits are suitably enormous.

To quote the official info and Nasu(?): "The sequel to EXTRA does a 180° turn, the theme is "a girl's feelings" and "eros" ('s got H-scenes?),
this new story for EXTRA takes place on the stage of a Grail War that has fallen in shambles"

“Fate/EXTRA” New Work
The drowning night begins.

The stage of the fight shifts from the near side of the moon (EXTRA) to the far side (CCC).

Fate/EXTRA painted the picture of a Holy Grail War in cyberspace, on the stage of the near-future of 2032.
Now, a completely new work spun from that “what-if” story appears!

The stage is similar to that of Fate/EXTRA.
However, a fatal error has occurred in the spiritual computer generating the world of EXTRA, and the state of the world itself has mutated. From this, an entirely new story develops!

The key to everything is the girl known as a character from the “Fate” series, Sakura.

This rewritten Holy Grail War…
This obscene, voluptuous story… now, the curtain rises!

“Girl’s Passion”, and a love poem that scorches the moon.
On the stage of this collapsed Holy Grail War, the tale of one more “EXTRA” is told."






[Imagen: 1340064085136.gif]
El animé no me gusto pero los RPG si me gustan ,si es como el Persona 3 me lo jeugo.
Comprensé la PSP (no trabajo pra Sonyc DSmile yo la compré hace 5 meses y tiene variedad de juegos ,me la compre por los Metal gear xD, además podés ponerle juegos de PS 1 nintendo 64 (se ve lento) Sega, family, Snes y más.