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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood
[Imagen: site_call-of-juarez:-bound-in-blood-ss-1.jpg]

Descripcion del juego, bla bla.

Comentarios insipidos, bla bla.

La idea es que bajen el juego asi sale un re multiplayer por hamachi en LAN, no hay que poner nada, crear, y entrar, tiene 5 modos de juego:

Cita:The multiplayer of Bound in Blood is expanded from the original game, featuring thirteen character classes that you'll eventually be able to play as once you unlock eight of them by winning multiplayer matches. Each character class has a variety of weaponry, but also has different health and speed stats as they are deployed into battle. As you kill other players during a battle, you'll receive money during that match which can be spent to upgrade that character's stats. There are five game modes to be played across seven maps, which doesn't sound like much, although there are indications that the game will support downloadable maps. However, the gameplay modes are a lot of fun, with the true standout being the Wild West Legends mode that provides each side with different objectives to fulfill. While one side is tasked with breaking into a location, destroying a target or escaping from an area, the other is tasked with stopping them from accomplishing their objective. This frequently leads to massive battles over one location, with attackers testing the defensive skills of their opponents. It's lots of fun, and from what I could see online, was the most popular one currently being played.

Bueno, no puede encontrar alguna pagina donde detallen bien cada modo...

Ah, aca, en Kotaku: